NURIA has a wide range of Local and Global network

Click on the world map to see some of our markets

If you have a Pharmaceutical product and you want to expand your business to international market

or else  you have a product and you want to launch in Turkish market through Localisation or Technology Transfer  you are in the right place to move on…

What we offer in international area & In local market....

We provide you a complete business intellegence and a plan about selected market and arrange a meeting  with the right partner to achieve successful launch.

In addition we support you with the entry strategy in local market  and global area such as;

Local Manufacturing & Technology transfer for local or Int. area
Licensing In/ out for local and Int. area
Open your own office for Int. area
Direct Export for Int area only
Distribution or Marketing partner for local and Int. area
Hybride Model for Int. area only

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